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Torkell is Twilightdusk's character in Parthenon High

Name: Torkell

Apparent Age: 15

Actual Age: 4

Domains: weather and electricity

Gender: male

Build: between thin and average

Hair: yellow

Eyes: glowing yellow

Other Appearance: wears comfortable fitting clothes, not too tight or too loose, usually nothing more than a yellow or blue shirt, pants, and shoes.

Personality: Very erratic in nature, sometimes trying to keep to himself, sometimes trying to get into the spotlight. sometimes wishing to be alone, and the next second talking amongst his friends at the center of the conversation. When stopping to think about he, he usually attributes his personality to the domains which he is part of, weather being shifting in nature and lightning being seen as fast and sometimes random. He also assumes that once he learns control of his abilities, that his personality will solidify somewhat, and until then he will just go with the flow so to speak.


The forces of nature see storms at sea causing shipwrecks, tornadoes on land killing thousands, and also see life-giving rain and sun as part of the same powers. Requiring a figure to control those powers, the forces created Torkell, with the potential power to control storms to not kill innocent people and provide rain and sunlight to those in need of it.

However the forces overlooked one drastic detail, though Torkell had the power to control the weather, he had little idea of how to use it, and was easily swayed by the weather into doing little more than amplifying existing conditions, for better or worse. after trying for four long years to control his abilities, Torkell learns of Parthenon High from a conversation, carried by the wind. The weather itself being in a calm mood at the time, Torkell was able to think about what he just heard, and realized that this might be what he has been looking for, that this may be what he needs to finally control his powers. Some lighting sparking around him with his excitement, he begins preparations required to attend the school (creating a body to attend in, figuring out the language and so on)

Family: none

powers: Torkell was supposed to have the power to control weather, but he does not know how to use it and all that happens for the moment is that his emotions are controled by the weather. emotions revealed by Twilightdusk in the OOC thread so far are sun = happy, clouds = calm, rain = sad, thunderstom = angry

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